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Body aesthetic and anti-cellulite treatments

They are a useful tool as a complementary treatment for cellulite, cosmetic medicine in general and for circulatory disorders.

Its main indications are diffuse cellulitis, peripheral circulatory disorders and reduction of small localized fat deposits. At the origin of cellulite, except hereditary and/or constitutional factors, there is always a disturbance of microcirculation, sometimes accentuated by external factors (contraceptives, tobacco, tight clothes, sedentary lifestyle, etc.). Fat cells (adipocytes) increase in size and are grouped in islets (nodules); in between these they form vertical fibrous walls (connective septa) determining, by pulling the skin surface, the classic look of the skin cellulite, the called "orange peel".

To deal with such phenomena we employ substances, which are generally injectable homeopathic medicines authorized by the Spanish Medicines Agency of the Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs, and can be administered subcutaneously or intradermal. Isolated medications are used or, in most cases, drug cocktails that complement or enhance the effects.

This treatment consists in injecting small doses of these drugs into the dermis in order to:

• enable local circulation.

• alter the permeability of cell walls of adipocytes, and facilitate the release of its fat content.

• improve tissue oxygenation.

• produce a local combustion of fats.

The injection is carried out along the major venous paths and in all cellulite zones, by microinjection using mechanical or conventional syringes.

Treatment regimen
Between ten and fifteen sessions are necessary, at the rate of one per week, along with a dietary re-education in order to achieve stability in the results.

Each session lasts 10 to 20 minutes.

Completing this initial protocol, maintenance sessions are established, adapting their frequency according to the evolution. If overweight, it is strictly necessary to associate a dietary treatment. Furthermore an exercise and muscle toning program results indispensable.


When infections or developmental skin disorders exist, cancer or autoimmune processes in the skin.

Possible drawbacks

The microinjections can be unpleasant. Bruising may occur, which disappear spontaneously within a few days, and until then it is recommendable to not be exposed to sunlight to prevent residual stains on the skin. Intolerance to any of the medication may produce a minimal local allergic reaction. The suspension of these is mandatory in the following sessions.

AS A NOVELTY, nowadays we also associate to this type of treatment MESOTHERAPY WITH OZONE, the systematic is the same as the Biomesotherapy and the only difference is the substance injected. In this case Ozone (O3) is given, that is to say, oxygen in its purest form, and thus achieves a high oxygenation of the tissues, obtaining a great improvement of skin appearance..

It uses the same principle as the Biomesotherapy, but dissolves large clumps of fat and accelerates results of a dietary therapy in cases of significant overweight, for which Mesotherapy would result in slower acting.

Basically it involves higher doses of the same drugs that are given in subcutaneous direct pressotherapy in the fatty panniculus in the areas to be treated, equally on an outpatient basis.

As a treatment it requires ten sessions at the beginning, on a weekly basis, which can be extended. Completing this initial protocol, maintenance sessions are established, adapting their frequency according to the evolution. Each session lasts for twenty to thirty minutes.It is essential to associate a dietary treatment and an exercise and muscle toning program.

COMPLEMENTARY TREATMENTS (mechanical acupressure, mechanized tissue kneading LPG ™):

Mechanical pressotherapy

It is a useful tool as a complementary treatment for cellulite, cosmetic medicine in general and circulatory disorders.

The sequential pressure therapy of the limbs stimulates venous-lymphatic circulation exercised via a system that allows control of inflation pressure and time of application, an intrinsic compression on the limb to be treated, returning the extravasation liquid to the intravascular compartments, independent of the functional state of the venous valves, and reducing the possibility of appearance of the varicose syndrome by exercising a drainage of the limbs in distal/proximal direction, a situation that prevents backflow.

To achieve this, we work with pneumatic accessories for arms (sleeves), abdomen and legs (boots) they are made with air chambers in the shape of segments or rings, overlapping each other, which thus involve the limb in his entirety. The treatment relies on the segmental compression, always with equal pressure values. This cycle is repeated 10 to 20 times throughout the session, usually lasts 30 to 45 minutes and can be done 2 or 3 times a week.

It can also be used after liposuction to reduce post-surgical swelling faster.

Mechanized tissue kneading or LPG ™
It is a non-surgical treatment, through a sophisticated electro medical apparatus, the skin exerts positive pressure cycles alternated with a negative suction by motorized rollers, producing:

• A connective tissue stretching.

• A stimulation of the lymphatic system and local bloodstream.

• A renewal of skin cells.

• A stimulation and production of collagen.

• An increase in the metabolism of fat cells.

This favours the disruption of the lymph and helps dissolve cellulite and fat by improving blood circulation of the skin. It can be associated with body mesotherapy.

This treatment does not replace liposuction. It can also be used after liposuction to reduce post-surgical swelling faster.

15 to 20 sessions of 35 min. are necessary, supplemented with a diet and a high intake of water. To maintain the results, posterior maintenance sessions are necessary.

Areas that can be treated are: back, abdomen, waist, hips, thighs, knees, calves.