Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery – Aesthetic medicine and surgery – Microsurgery

Dr. Sesma Institute

Dr. Gabriel Sesma Ustáriz, specialist in plastic and reconstructive surgery, aesthetic medicine and microsurgery, practices his profession in Barcelona and Zaragoza

A member of the Spanish Society of plastic and reconstructive surgery and aesthetics (SECPRE), he is part of a generation of professionals who believes that the maximum professionalism and up to date knowledge must be compatible with a medicine that conceives patients as individuals and not as clinical cases, a philosophy shared with the team of professionals in the group.


Increase breast volume

Aumento mamario

It is an intervention to increase the hypo trophic breast volume (small volume) through the implantation of breast prostheses.

Elevation of Sagging Breasts

Surgical solution of the ptosis, dislocation or sagging of the breast, caused by repeated pregnancies and lactation, rapid thinning or the effect of gravity over time



Surgical correction of major aesthetic deformities of the abdomen (what is colloquially called “skirt”).