This is the surgical solution to remove accumulated fat deposits localized body silhouette typical of lipdystrophy
The corporal regions susceptible to this treatment are the jowls, arms, false gynecomastia, abdomen (if there is no muscular separation nor skin excess), hips, flanks, back, the upper outer thigh region (“saddle bags”), inner and outer thighs, inner sides of the knees, calves and ankles.

Traditional liposuction consists in extracting the maximum possible amount of surplus fat volume in these areas, through small incisions where they insert a cannula connected to a suction system, prior administration of anesthetic technique most suitable for each case.

In some cases, if the sagging skin is significant, it may require an ultrasonic liposuction. Ultrasonic liposuction is done with a special cannula that emits ultrasonic energy. As it passes through the treated areas, the ultrasound provokes and explosion of the fat cells, liquefying the fat, which is then removed with the traditional technique. This technique improves the ability of aspiration in fibrous areas, such as the upper back, false gynecomastia or male chest with a feminine aspect.

The operating time varies depending on the volume to be extracted and the areas to be treated, and can therefore range from 30 minutes to 2 hours. Also the type of anesthesia varies from local anesthesia (for small volumes), epidural or local anesthesia with intravenous sedation (for larger volumes or to work on multiple areas in a single operation). This determines that hospitalization may or may not be needed (in this case normally 24 hours are sufficient). Regarding postoperative care, sutures are removed after 7 days. Normally, but depending on the idiosyncrasy of each patient, the swelling and bruising begin to disappear from the 10th day onwards. A bandage is required and/or compression stockings during one month (day and night). Several sessions of lymphatic drainage may be necessary, starting from the day the points are withdrawn.

Información Importante

Yes. Usually during 1 day.


Epidural, general or local, and sedation.


From the 4th day onwards!


Yes, for approximately 1 month.