Elevation of Sagging Breasts

Provides a surgical solution of the ptosis, dislocation or sagging of the breast, caused either by repeated pregnancies and lactation, rapid thinning or the effect of gravity over time.

The technique usually used (personal review of the vertical scar technique by Dr. Lassus, modified by Dr Lejour) produces a periareolar circular scar, another vertical one from the nipple-areola complex to the breast and a small horizontal one (result of the decrease of the length of the vertical). In cases of moderate ptosis, other alternatives (circular periareolar mastopexy) can be considered with equally satisfactory results.

Surgery time: 
approximately ninety minutes.

Type of anesthesia:
General with hospitalization during 24 hours.

During the postoperative period a cure is carried out which is removed after 72 hours in order to place a sports bra. Stitches are removed after eight days to pass onto the healing process, as well as the use of full support bras.

Regular activity is restored to normal after the 3rd day of intervention, with the exception of physical exertion with the arms.

Información Importante

Indeed. Usually for 2 days.



If no force done with the arms, after approx. 4 days.