Buttocks remodeling through Lipostructure

The aim of this surgery is not so much the volume reduction of the buttocks, but the reshaping of its form (when excessively flat, when dropped, asymmetric cases…).

It is based on the permanent three-dimensional change in anatomy, by filling the patient’s own, previously purified, fat tissue.


Fat is removed from an area where there is a surplus (waist) and re-injected into the buttocks. With this system, the size of the buttocks is slightly increases and reaffirmed. This is also used to treat depression in the contour of the buttocks or to fill sunken or atrophied areas. Combined with liposuction, it allows to really sculpt the contour.

The Lipostructure® in the gluteal region is normally performed under epidural anesthesia and no noticeable scars will remain, as they are very small. The operating time depends on the areas being treated. An edema or swelling appears in the treated area during the postoperative period, which disappears progressively, although it can last a week or two. Postoperative immobility of treated areas for about five days, allow the grafted fat to revitalize in its new location, massage is therefore contraindicated, as the implanted fat tissue needs immobility in order to revitalize and remain. It is necessary to rest a couple of days in a lateral posture (side) and wear a compression garment for a month.