Facial recontouring with lipostructure

It is based on the permanent three-dimensional change in anatomy, by filling the patient’s own, previously purified, fat tissue.

Lipostructure® is a surgical technique described in 1994 by the New Yorker plastic surgeon Sydney Coleman.With fat filling techniques used previously the results were unpredictable and not permanent. Very often the injected material was completely reabsorbed or irregularities in the contour occurred. Currently, the implantation made with the fatty tissue using the Lipostructura® technique, provides more predictable and permanent results.

This technique follows a different concept of rejuvenation, as the one used before: what is achieved through lift surgery is to try and reposition the subcutaneous tissues and adapt the skin, eliminating their surplus. A detailed study of patients faces, comparing the existing changes with photographs of their youth with those appearing over the years, allows us to appreciate that many of the changes caused by the passage of time are caused by changes in volume, due to atrophy of the subcutaneous tissue and loss of elasticity of the skin, as in areas of the forehead and temples, the areas around the eyes and the contour of the mandible. Lipostructure® treatment, modifying the three dimensions, allows to vary those components.

Lipostructure® can be performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia and sedation and no noticeable scars are left. The operating time depends on the areas being treated. In the postoperative period an edema or swelling appears in the treated area. Although this can be very striking, it disappears progressively, even though it can last a week or two. Postoperative immobility of treated areas of about five days, allows the grafted fat to revitalize in its new location. The implanted fat tissue needs immobility in order to revitalize and remain.