Nose and nasal septum – Rhinoplasty, Septorhinoplasty

Modification of the morphology (shape) of the nasal pyramid, designed to harmonize with other facial features (Rhinoplasty), which may also require a correction of the nasal septum in the case of it being deviated (Septorhinoplasty).

Both treatments are carried out under general anesthesia.
The duration of the operation for the first case is approx. 35 minutes, and for the second approx. 90 minutes. Normally it requires a hospital stay of 24 hours.

In the post-operative period, the patient uses  nasal packing during 48 hours for the first intervention, along with a plaster splint on the back of the nose for seven days, prolonging this period a few days for the second intervention.

The postoperative period is not painful but the swelling and bruising (small bruises) that occur; determine the results of complete recovery. It is important to protect the nose from the sun for a few weeks.

Información Importante

Indeed. Usually 1 day.



7 days.


Sometimes, not always.