Its purpose is to correct the position of excessively detached ears, by placing them closer to the head.
This is achieved through a weakening of the cartilage of the ear itself and creating a cartilage fold, removing excess cartilage and existing skin.

This surgery is usually performed under local anesthesia, assisted by intravenous sedation, on an outpatient basis.

The operating time: 
is approximately 60 minutes.

The incision is always done behind the ear, so that scar is hidden forever.

The post-operative:
should pass without pain and it is necessary to wear a type of turban for seven days. The stitches are removed after seven days. After the swelling period, the final positioning will build up gradually, until achieving the final result within 4-6 months. Despite this, you can see satisfactory results after two weeks.

Información Importante

Yes. Only for some hours.

Local and sedation.

On the 7th day approx.


Yes, for 1 week.