Reduction and elevation of large and sagging breasts

It consists of normalizing the size of the hypertrophy mammary glands (oversized).

Many times the priority of the patient is not only the aesthetic component of the operation, but the important pain relief caused to the back, which carries great weight with the consequent appearance of significant back pain.

The procedure produces the same type of scars as the Mastopexy, (a different personal revision of the vertical scar technique by Dr. Lassus, modified by Dr Lejour, applies).

The excess skin and gland, which is removed from each breast, is referred to the pathology department for microscopic examination in order to confirm that they are disease free healthy tissue, providing a copy of the results to the patient during the following days.

This intervention presents significant risks for patients who are heavy smokers; therefore it is necessary for them to rethink their smoking habits during the pre- and postoperative weeks.

Operating time: 
Two hours (depends on the volume to correct)

Type of anesthesia: 

Usually hospitalization takes 24 to 48 hours.

During the postoperative period a cure is carried out which is removed after 72 hours in order to place a sports bra. Stitches are removed on the 12th day.

Regular activity is restored to normal after the 3rd day of intervention, except in the case of of physical exertion with the arms.

Información Importante

Efectivamente. Habitualmente 2 dias.


If no force is done with the arms, after approx. 4 days.

After approx. 10 days.