Thigh Lift and Brachioplasty (arm lift)

Interventions thought to correct sagging skin in these areas. You can combine it or not in the same surgery, with a moderate liposuction, given that there is also an excess of fatty panniculus.
In the case of the thigh lift, the scar follows the inguinal fold; in the case of the brachial lifting the scar will be located in the axilla or on the inside of the arms. Normally they should remain there hidden, but in the long term a reduction of a few millimeters may be observed.

General or epidural anesthesia is used for the thigh lifting, general anesthesia for the arms. The operating time is approximately 90 minutes, with hospitalization during 1 or 2 days. The patient will wear suction drains during the hospitalization. Regarding postoperative care, a compression garment has to be worn during 3 weeks. It is important to rest during the first 15 days, but not in bed, as it is essential for the early mobilization of the patient to not slow down blood circulation. Sutures are removed after 15 days.

It is important to highlight, that like any other surgery of large flaps, this procedure presents significant risks for patients who are heavy smokers. It is therefore necessary for smokers to rethink this habit during the weeks before and after the intervention, in order to be able to have the surgery.

Información Importante

Yes, during 1 to 2 days.



Yes, a facial mask.